हिन्दी 26 January 2017 Programs, Drama Script, Lines for Boys Girls Students Kids

हिन्दी Anchoring Script 68th Republic day 2017 Drama Script for Students | 26 January Program Script Lines for Girls Boys : Republic Day is a national festival and celebrate in every year on 26th January. In which this day in 1950 that our India became a Democratic Republic.Now check here latest world wide collection of 26 January Hindi Drama Script for Boys Girls. In which republic day morning college and school organise flag hoisting ceremony. Gantantra diwas celebrate in New Delhi with great pomp, fanfare and pageant. While in the capitals of the States and other headquarters, it is marked with patriotic fervour. On this day in which school and college organize drama and act many student are participate and perform on the stage so we are here give you best drama scrip like Republic Day Programs Drama Script for Boys Girls can use this script line and perform better according to others.

68th Republic Day Drama Script, Cultural Program Lines for Kids Children

Gantantra Diwas Hindi Cultural Program Script Lines : India is the world’s biggest democratic country. Indian people fight against British rule and got freedom on 15th of August 1947, but till 1950 we do not have our own law and order to follow. The 26th of January 1950, was the dawn of world’s biggest democracy, when we got our own constitution and India became a republic nation.here we give you opportunity download 26 January 2017 Programs Lines for Boys Girls and share with your friends and family members. The Republic Day is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show.In India in which various state perform many parade performance and we are also see air force performance in the sky.he most spectacular celebrations are marked by the Republic Day Parade that takes place in the capital of New Delhi at Rajpath. you can check and access new data Republic Day Programs Lines for Boys Girls i hope you like this amazing collection.
Republic Day Script
Scene 1
Teacher: Ok class, today is the 25th of January. Do you know what it means?
Student 1: No.
Student 2: Is it your birthday?
Student 1 and 2: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
Teacher: It is not my birthday.
Student 1:Darn it.
Student 2: We could have had a celebration.
Teacher: . If today is the 25th, then tomorrow is the?
Student 1 and 2: Tomorrow is the 26th.
Teacher: Yes, and tomorrow is a holiday.
Student 1 and Student 2: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teacher: Wait students, do you know why we have a holiday tomorrow?
Student 1 and Student 2: Don’t know, don’t care!
Teacher: Don’t you kids know what special occasion Indians celebrate on the 26th January?
Student 1 and 2: Why should we care, we get a holiday regardless, right?
Teacher: Tomorrow is Republic Day.
Student 1: Republic Day?
Student 2: What is that?
Teacher: That is YOUR homework, to find out all about Republic Day and its significance. And by the way, my birthday was yesterday.
Teacher walks away

Student 1: Come on, let’s go on the internet and see some videos about Republic Day.
Student 2: Look, I found a video. Let’s watch it.
Students 1 and 2 sit at the side while another scene starts.
Scene 2
Narrator: After the long fought battle for independence has been won, now we must decide what to do with this country. We need rules. We need a Constitution. But a Constitution cannot be made without people, and so, let the people themselves decide the rules. Let us see their progress.
Narrator walks off stage
A fight is brewing, many yells and shouts are heard.
Leader 1: There should be a monarchy system of government. We should have Kings and Queens like Britain.
Leader 2: Are you mad! If India has a monarchy, how are we different from the Britishers? We would be placing our trust in some idiot son of a king. We should go for communism. Everything should be owned by the government.
Leader 1: No way! I will never allow this!
Start fighting
Narrator enters
Narrator: In times of trouble, we need one man to look to. Only one man can stop this argument, a man long dead before this argument. We must bring him back. Mahatma Gandhi!
Gandhi enters dramatically, followed by Jawaharlal Nehru.
Gandhi: Yeh war zone hai kya?
Nehru (sadly): Nai, yeh tho Indian Parliament hai.
Gandhi: Challo
Nehru (yells to the leaders): Zagda Zagdi Mat Karo , Gandhiji ko yaad karo
Gandhi: Why are you fighting? Have you forgotten me so easily?
Leader 1: Sir, this idiot wants to have a communism system of government.
Leader 2: Sir, this other idiot is no better, he wants to have a monarchy type of government.
Gandhi: Communism? Monarchy? Why is it that all countries have these types of government? My friends, this is India. India has a richer history and background than any other country. We are unique, just like the very people that constitute India. Why not have a democracy? Let us truly be unique. Mera Bharat Mahan!
Leader 1 and 2: Democracy? What is that?
Nehru: Freedom of speech, my friends,
Freedom of thought,
Freedom to vote
Freedom of press.
Democracy my friends, democracy.
Leader 1 and 2: Yes, democracy. That is the best idea for our India.
Narrator: And so, with the help of our leaders, we came up with a constitution, one that defines every one of us here now.
Everyone except Student 1 and 2 exit.
Student 1: Wow, what a video. I guess our homework is done.
Student 2: Wait, I want to see one more video.
Scene 3
Indian Guy: China is a dumb country. They don’t even have a democracy.
Chinese Guy: What did you say?! How dare you?
Indian Guy: Why not? I can say what I want. The other day, I was going to vote, but I found out that there was no democracy in this country!
Chinese Guy: Well this is not India. We do not allow such talk. Police!
2 policemen enter
Police 1: Sir, for disrespecting our country by articulating yourself, you are under arrest.
Indian Guy: What! You are ridiculous. Get your hands of me! I just spoke what I felt. I want to go back to India.
Police 2: Sir, until then, you are welcome to use our jail as your hotel. Please come.
Exit police officers and Indian guy and Chinese guy.
Student 1: Wow, imagine what it must be like to have no freedom to articulate your thoughts.
Student 2: I know, it makes me feel so happy that we have the privileges that others don’t .
Exit both students

Gantantra diwas Programs, Drama Script, Lines for Boys Girls

In this year 2017 we have completed 68 years with our own constitution and proud to be a part of the world’s biggest democracy. This is our privilege that we are the citizens of a secular nation.The Republic Day celebrations of India have rightly become world famous as one of the greatest shows on earth drawing thousands of eager sight-seers from all over the country and many parts of the world as well.here we are provide to all some unique collection of Republic day / 26 January Desh Bhakti Programs, Drama Script, Lines for Boys Girls can see this stuff and enjoy your college performance.
Republic day Drama Script Lines for Boys Girls
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